Very Special Thai amulet Holy magic Leklai Pri-dum cutting by Lp Somporn Samawaro. Powerful necklace amulet. Bring super lucky, Best protection, wellness to body system. With necklace ready to wear. Men jewelry. women jewelry. Best Thai gift, Black, Size S

Name: Takrud Palang Lok-ka-tad Leklai Watcha Ratad edition@@ Cutting by Lp. Somporn Samawaro (Yai), Sumnakpa Thamyanmunee@@ This is a very special Leklai necklace, contained over 59 types of different Leklai into one holy takrud. This takrud will give a positive energy and inner power for the wearer/ worshiper. Increase your life energy, bring wellness for those who are tired, release muscle pain, increase oxidation into blood system. The takrud also detoxification your whole body system, better concentration, invulnerable, Metta Maha Niyom, protection from fire. @@ If you would like to see how powerful and holy of Lp. Somporn Samawaro, write down “Leklai amulet by Lp Somporn Samawaro” on YouTube and you will be amaze how this holy blessed takrud can do and change your life… no further explanation.@@ Remain in good moral, often do merits and good deeds, these will increase the power and make your wishes come true. @@ Each Takrud are handmade and individually blessed by Lp Somporn, the takrud you receive might be slightly different and will not be exactly the same as in the picture shown. All takrud are genuine and come originally from Lp Somporn.@@ Thank you for looking and visiting
Thai amulet Takrut Leklai Lp. Somporn Samawaro, contained 59 different Leklai, Size S
Powerful Genuine Thai amulet, original from temple and holy blessed
Handmade, come with thread necklace, ready to wear for both men and women
Bring good fortune, Best Protection, Improve body system
Thai collectible amulet, Best Thai Gift, Valentine gift. Approx. 2.3 cm. long, S size


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