Thao Wessuwan Dagger Thai Amulet Buddhist Figure Statue Block Black Magic Protection Talisman

Thao Wessuwan will bring the owner safe from any harmful things keeps away from bad evil spirits and good luck. Thai people believe this Powerful Magic Giant On Luck Wealth Rich Cool Super Safe Good Health Thai Amulet will make all your wishes for good luck come true wealth rich and good things happen to you. When you keep this Thai Amulet with you, you’ll have no obstacles and full of knowledge. You’ll have more concentration and sense. Anything you hope for will be achieved much easier and more conveniently than before. This Thai Amulet will ward off evil and bring you good luck attraction wealth rich.
Thao Wessuwan Thai Amulet Buddhist Figurine
Powerful Rich & Lucky Protection Amulet
Primary Material: Metal
Approximate Size: 4 x 1 cm
This Thai Amulet come from a Buddhist Temple. Made in Thailand


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