Thai Occult Sorcery Genuine Thai Amulets Red eye Phra Ngang accumulated great wealth windfall fortune Maha Saney powerful Khmer magic spell, hypnotizing oil. Powerful Thai amulets Gambling luck, gambler amulet. Love charms pendant

Powerful red eye Phra (Por) Ngang Maha Saney in holy hypnotizing love oil. Made by Lp. Kruba Thammunee, Mahasarakham Province. Phra Ngang is made from many different sacred powder materials which have been collected over the years by Kruba Thammunee, such as grave soil from 7 different tombs, powder of Maha Demon, old ancient bone ashes from 108 corps (to improve spiritual power of the amulet, Maha Wan, Leklei powder, Maha Saney oil, powder from 108 Phra Jedee and many other secret ingredients. This is believe to be good for Maha Larp (super lucky), Maha Metta, Maha Saney, Highly gambling luck, Financial improvement, increase sales volumes and ward away all bad spirit that come near you. ​Phra Ngang was made and blessed 7 Saturdays, 7 Tuesday and empower under moonlight for 53 days to improve amulets power. ​Many great feedback from users in terms of their wishes getting granted, now its your chance to be as success as others who already worshipped this very special Phra Ngang. Believe and see the miracle and unexpected things happen to your life Please do not use the Phra Ngang amulet to play with others feeling. THANK YOU FOR LOOKING AND VISITING
Thai amulet Red eye Phra Ngang great wealth windfall fortune Maha Saney powerful Khmer magic spell, hypnotizing oil bring wealth luck
Super lucky love charms love attraction love success
Bring Wealth good fortune especially gambling luck
Lovely plastic waterproof case ready to wear
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