Thai Magical INN Nude Man Yantra Buddha Amulet Statue Sitting Brass Powerful In Love Holy Luck & Charm

This is an Interesting Nude Man Good Luck and Charming Amulet from Thailand with a Buddhist blessing written on it. It has good detail and was made from a brass metal material
–This Amulet Was Blessing by Thailand Famous Monk
Primary Materials–: Brass Magic Amulet Pendant
Approximately-:1.5 CM Wide x 4.0 CM Height.
And Effect for
–1.Get Rid Of Bad Luck.
–2. Great Mercy From Others
–3.Get Rid Of Evil Spirits And Forces.
–4 .A Strong Defense Against The Danger.
–5. Increasing Good Fortune.
–6. Prevent Black Magic And All That is Evil
–7.To the Good Life.
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