Thai amulets See Pueng Lip Balm for sweet talking good success negotiation, strong Metta maha saneh, Maha Niyom love attraction Kruba Na, Thai occult sorcery

Thai amulets See Pueng Lip Balm “Dok Rak Daney Ha” blessed by Lp Kruba Na Chinwongso, Sumnak Doi E-Hui, Chiangmai Province. Materials are containing with 108 Wan Maha Saney, wan Dok Rak, Saney ya Fad, flowers petals, Maha Saney magic spell. You can apple to wrist, forehead by just a little before you go out to work and going to do a very important job, it will be success. You can also apply just a little to your lips, and everything will be easy negotiation, easy take for you, good for jobs with persuading, selling, talking, speaking. Men apply clockwise direction. Women apply anti-clockwise direction. Thank you for looking and visiting


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