Thai amulets Phra Ngang Phu Ta Rit bring good luck great fortune in love and in life. Lucky pendant holy blessed genuine Thai occult sorcery

Thai amulets Phra Ngang Red Eye Phu Ta Rit in hypnotizing oil blessed by Aj Keaw Thepthong. This Phra Ngang contained most of sacred materials such soil from 7 cemetery, Din 7 Ta Num, Maha Phoot powder, Boran ashes 108 Ton, Leklai powder, Khum Chanod powder, J-Dee powder from 108 temples, Takruts Na Maha Saneh, Takrut Na Maha Niyom. Gold sumrit materials Phra Ngang will help you to be very success in term of love success and in life. you can ask him to grant your wishes and please do talk to him very often, tell him what you want and let he makes it all happen for you. Please hang or wear your Phra Ngang at waist level or keep in your bag. When you worship, use a shot of whisky with unlit cigarette. Dont put your Phra Ngang with Buddha statue or above, you should put Phra Ngang in different altar place or below Buddha or any other God or Goddess. Katha/ Prayer: Na Mo Ta Sa Pak Ka Wa To R Ra Ha To Sum Ma Sum Put Ta Sa (repeated 3 times) Na Mi Na Mung Ma Ha Ngang Tun Ti Jit Tung Phu Ti Ma Ni Ma Mah Ma Ma (only 1 time) Thank you for looking and visiting Buddha blessed
Thai amulets Phra Ngang Red Eye Phu Ta Rit bring good luck great fortune in love and in life.
Blessed by Aj Keaw Thepthong Genuine Thai amulets occult sorcery
Grant all wishes, success in work, love and in life
Holy Blessed Holy Spirituality Genuine Thai amulets
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