Thai amulet”Phra Ngang red eye Maha Saney” Lp. Nearnkeaw strong powerful charms allurement. Khmer old magic spell. Thai occult sorcery. Lucky pendant, love attraction

Thai amulet Phra Ngang red eye super Maha Saney By Lp. Nearnkeaw Khumpeero, Wat Bann Kaset Tung Sethee. whom very famous for making Thai occult sorcery especially in Metta Maha Saney (charms, attraction, lovable, mesmerizing). His amulets had been acceptance and recognized from his followers in and outside Thailand for being granted as soon as they worship. On this Phra Ngang version, he had revived the old ancient Khmer spell from which he learnt from his master in Kambodia, Aj. Mong-jun-ria. The amulet contained the mix of holy sacred powder and special yantra that Lp. written all involve with Metta Maha Saney for example Kamasutra Pattamunglogee yantra, Na Maha Saney Gold face, Salika Yantra,or Saney Maha Mont 108, melted into one. Incantation with 108 Mantra Maha saney, very strong and powerful. Whoever possess this amulet, it will bring you great success in life or in work. Whatever you wishes for, tell Phra Ngang red eye and he will granted your wishes. This amulet is believe to be good for: – Improve your prosperity, accumulate great fortune, wealth and smooth career ​- improve Metta , sex appeal and be popular by same and opposite gender ​- sweet talking (people tend to listen to you), boost sale confidence and self esteem ​- smooth career and increase sales volumes. THANK YOU FOR LOOKING AND VISITING
Thai amulet lucky pendant
love mesmerizing someone, gambling luck amulet
success business amulet, rich, high income
east to use amulet necklace, plastic waterproof case
holy blessed powerful Thai amulet


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