Thai Amulet Phra Kring Kanttarah Lanna Medicine Buddha 3D Design Pendant Talisman Lucky

Special Thai amulet Phra Kring Kanttarah Lanna Medicine Buddha , Wat Papai BE 2561. The blessing ceremony included many top geiji monks from Northern part of Thailand, such as Kruba Insom, Kruba Boonlert, Kruba Duangsang, Kruba Pongpol, Kruba Boonrod, Kruba Wirut and many more. For Thai Amulet, Phra Kring is considered as one of the very famous and collectible Thai amulet, we believed that Phra Kring will help us in life, especially in term of health and wisdom. Phra Kring is normally refer to as Buddha Medicine. Those who worship will be away from sickness, be able to think clearly and solve problems in life. Phra Kring also bring luck and prosperity. This special edition is design in 3D style, beautifully made. Approximately 3.5 x 4 cm.
Thai amulet Buddha pendant Phra Kring Kanttarah Lanna
Phra Kring, Medicine Buddha 3D design
Help to remove sickness, Bright thought
Protection charm, metta maha niyom
100% genuine Thai amulets holy blessed


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