Thai amulet Phra Khun Paen San Saney Na Thong gold face blessed by Kruba Kum Peng. Love attraction lucky love charms. Sumrit coated silver

Special authentic Thai amulets Phra Khun Pean Na Nha Thong San Saneah by Kruba Kumpeng , R-som sukawadee.
Beautifully made and blessed to bring the very best of luck in love and in life. Strong in Metta Maha Niyom, calling love, attracting people. Those who have not find their soul mate, will be found. Those who lost their lover, lover will come back. Improve relationship within the family. Make your boss be kind and give you promotion.
Kruba / Lp had put wan dokthong, wan joognang, pong salika linthong, chang pasom klong, wan maha saneah 108, pong phraya teakrue, 3k takrut.
Keep the amulet with you at all time.
Katha: Na Mo Ta Sa (repeated 3 times)
Jit Ti Jit Tung, Ma Maa Ma Nung, Aom Su Na Mo Lo, Su Na Mo Lo
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Authentic Thai amulets Phra Khun Pean San Saneah Gold Face Kruba Kumpeng
Bring Lucky in Love, Love Attraction, Love Success strong effective
Genuine Holy Blessed, beautifully made
Come with waterproof case, ready to wear
Best gift Collectible Thai amulets


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