Thai amulet Phra Khun Paen back with Phra Ngang Red eye and holy leklai. Bringing strong love attraction, mesmerizing, success in love.

Thai amulet Phra Khun Paen (Takien wood powder) back with holy Phra Ngang Red Eye (Gomen red blessed gemstone) and holy Leklai By Lp. Key, Wat Srilumyong B.E. 2549, “Mung Mee Ngern Thong” Edition (means plenty with Money and gold, wealth) The amulet is one of the best occult sorcery for those who are Phra Khun Paen’s collector and for those who are looking for amulet for Metta Maha Saney, Metta Maha Niyom, Pokathap Chokelarp. The amulet will help you to be lovable by people surrounding you, bring you super good luck, good fortune, work runs smoothly, suitable for all ages, men or woman. The amulet can be use for any occupations whether for business, trading, selling. For business’s owner, it will make an easy negotiation, works run smoothly, less obstacles. For employee, the amulet will make your career’s brighter, get promote from your boss, love by workmates. Moreover the amulet is very effective and strong for love attraction, bring lucky in love, success in love. Phra Ngang Red Eye believe to have very strong and powerful in lust and love, those who worship and keep Phra Ngang beside will never ran out of love, and never stop receiving with love and affection from people around you.
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Phra Khun Paen Phra Ngang Red eye
strong powerful love attraction, lucky fortune, gambling luck amulet
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