Thai Amulet Phor Phra Ngang Phoot Nhathong JOA Saneah Chana Jai Luove Attraction Charm Pendant

Small in size but big in power, Phor / Phra Ngang Phoot Nhathong “Joa Saneah Chana Jai” edition by Lp Weing Thawaro BE 2557, Nir Sumrit material sink in Num Mun Prao Oil.
This Phra Ngang made from mixed of Chanuan Arthan, Tapu Sungkavanon, Chanuan Ngern Pak Phee, Chanuan Takue Hea Auan, Vhanuan Palad Khom Rang Ngarn Yuang and Maha Yant Khmer metal sheet.
This special small size Phra Ngang is very strong in Metta Maha Niyom, Metta Maha Saneah, love attraction charm, bring success in business, bringing in more customers and higher income. Approximately 4 x 2 cm.
Katha / Chanting:
Aom Kum Pa Pone
Kum Pa Peng
Si Ri Sea Ja Na
Ou Ha Pa Ma Ah
Na Tid Pa Done Ti
Ma Ma Maa Maa
Aom Ra Ngang Ma Ma Sa Wa Ha
Ma Ma Sa Wa Hum
Ma Ma Ma Ha Aom Sa Nuay

(repeated 7 times and make your wishes)
Phor / Phra Ngang Phoot Nhathong “Joa Saneah Chana Jai” edition Lp Weing Thawaro BE 2557
Lp Weing Thawaro BE 2557
Metta Maha Saneah, Maha Niyom
Strong love attraction, be loved by people all around
100% genuine Thai amulets holy blessed


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