Thai amulet Lucky Talismans Charm Mea Yue Muang Aj Mom Niranam for Attracting Wealth Love Success Grant Wishing

Name : Thai amulet Sadej Mea Yue Mueang (Phra Mea Uma Devi) AJ Mom Niranam Triphoom 
Material : Mixed of Wan Saneah, Pong Puttakhun
Sadej Mea Yue Muang or Phra Mea Uma Devi Panh Sepkam, Aj Mom stated that we do not think in term of absurd subject cause we human or animals, are derived from these 2 things, which are Yoni and Lingam (Phra Shiva Thep as Lingam, Phra Mea Uma Devi as Yoni). The appearance of Mea Yue Mueang on top of Lingam represents the strongest in Metta Maha Saneah, the back contained ” Maha Yantklub” full of Puttakhun abilities, mad or angry turn into love, Bad turn into good, enemy turns into friend, covering to Mudjit Mudjai Mahachon, Khakhay, Chokelarp, Ngern Thong.
Katha : It Ta Ga Ma, Su Ji Ru Ni, Na Mo
Temple : AJ Mom Niranam Triphoom, Wat pa Chongkum
Thai amulets Sadej Mea Yue Mueang (Phra Mea Uma Devi) AJ Mom Niranam Triphoom
Attracted Wealth, Lucky Fortune, Business Success
Love Attraction in Special Maha Saneah Oil
Holy blessing, grand ceremony, collectible amulet, 4.5 x 6 cm.
100% genuine Thai amulets holy blessed


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