Thai amulet Khun Pean Na Gold Na Na Thong face brass Material by Kruba Subin Mahalarp Maha Saney. Magic love spell, love attraction. Buddha love pendant. Kumanthong amulet. Love success

Thai genuine amulet super powerful Khun Pean Na Naa Thong (gold face) by most popular magic charms amulet’s maker Krunba Subin Sumethso, brass edition (contains coffin’s nails) This version of Phra Khun Pean is using high level of Khmer and Lanna magic to produce the most sacred and powerful love attraction amulet. Kruba Subin has collected sacred material from many places that involved with real Khun Pean, such as clay from Khun Pean’s birth home, clay from Viharn that Khun Pean leart his black magic, holy incense powder from Wat Palalai (Supanburi), temple in which Khun Pean lernt his charm montra (love attraction spell). Kruba Subin also included holy powder from many high sacred places (leklei, wan mongkol). Very delicately made, beautiful portrait of Phra Khun Pean with gilt gold face. In the back of the amulet, Kruba Subin also put lovely Kumanthong for lucky and war away all dangers, please look carefully at the amulet and you will see how wonderful it is. Kruba Subin’s real and genuine amulet has always sold out very quickly, people worship because they have experience the change and the power of his amulet. I hope if you are looking for the amulet that will make change to your life from downfall, this is absolutely the one you got to have. This is believe to be good for: – Mesmerizing attraction (maha saney sex appeal) – improve your abilities in business, attracting opportunities and more sales – boost sell confidence and self esteem – gambling luck (4D, Toto, casino) – sweet talking, attract same/opposite gender – be the most popular person, improve Metta Believe and see the miracle and unexpected things happen to your life. Please do not use the Phra Khun Paen amulet to play with others feeling.
Phra Khun Paen love charm, love attraction Thai amulet Kruba Subin
Brass material, Lucky in love amulet
Genuine Thai amulet, with case ready to wear / use
Kumanthong amulet bring wealth, protection, good fortune


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