Thai amulet Eper (Iper) Maha Saneh Khmer Magic love Spell Strong Love Attraction Phra Aj Aumnaj love success/charms pendants Occult sorcery

Thai amulets Iper Eper Maha Saneh in Prai Hypnotizing oil Blessed by Phra Aj Aumnaj Mahaveero Special Thai amulet Eper Non Lor Petch statue wrapping with holy Saysin cloth in hypnotizing oil. Contained many strong R-than(sacred) materials such as Pong Phraya Tekrue, Salika Ling Thong powder, Kai Kuk powder, Salika Pon yeae Powder, Masepnang powder, Kafak Rak Tai Prai, Ka Fak Mayom, 108 wan Maha Saneh. The most important is Prai powder Ting Klom 9 Ton and Yoni Lor Mador Powder. Soaked and let dry with many kind of strong hypnotizing oil such as Chang Pasom Klong, Mea Takien, Mea May, Cat and dog Effect: Lucky attraction, hate become love, improve relationship, mesmerizing someone. The amulet can also be used to make holy saneh water and can be use or drink to mesmerizing someone. Good luck for the own owner and Buddha blessed. THANK YOU FOR LOOKING AND VISITING
Phra Aj Aumnaj MahVeero famous pundits for making Thai occult sorcery
Hypnotizing oil, locket love pendant
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