Special Genuine Thai amulet Kumanthong Kuman Thep Montra Empowered in Hypnotizing oil by Aj Shaw bring wealth, super luck and good fortune. Lucky gambling amulet for lottery casino Lotto

Name : Kumanthong Thep Montra @@ This lovely holy (and super cute) Kuman was handmade and Jarn(written) yantra in every single Kuman by Aj, Shaw himself. This Kuman is blessed to give the owner the very best of luck and good fortune as well as keep protection for the owner. This lovely Kuman also bring up Metta Paramita, Metta Mahaniyom for the owner. Nong Kuman also provide gambling luck for the owner, bringing good fortune. Kuman Thep montra is made from Wan Thep Salika powder, mixing with 7 cemetery soil, with very special Prai Kuman powder which Aj. Shaw has been blessed and kept for over 20 years. Each Kuman is written holy yantra by hand and blessed each one by one by Aj Shaw himself. Each Kuman is handmade and mold into the body of sweet Kuman : ) This special version contain 2 holy silver takruds and lucky blessed gambling dice with hand written yantra, Pong Prai Kumanthong powder with blessed golden Salika bird. The amulet also sink with Prai hypnotizing oil @@@ Katha: Na-mo-ta-sa Pak-ka-wa-to R-ra-ha-to Sum-ma sum-put Ta-sa (all 3 times) @@@ Then you say : It-ti It-ti-su-ka-to Na-mo-put-ta-ya Ku-ma-ro-wa R-kad-cha-ya R-kad-cha-hi Sa-pa-pa-sak (all 3 times) @@@ After this make a wish and you will be granted. @@@ Before taking Kuman into your house, light 5 incenses and tell your home protection God or spirits first, asking for permission to let Kuman stay inside the house. For Kuman, you can worship with sweet drinks or toys, up to your preference. @@@ 100% Genuine Thai amulet @@@ Strong and powerful @@THANK YOU FOR LOOKING AND VISITING
Special Genuine Thai amulet Kumanthong Kuman Thep Montra Empowered in Hypnotizing oil by Aj Shaw
Strong powerful Lucky pendant Bring wealth Windfall money
Gambling luck amulet for casino lottery and risky games
Granting wishes Business success Thai amulets
Clear Acrylic waterproof case ready to wear



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