Real vs Fake Thai Amulets.

The Real Genuine Amulets:

Authentic amulets, like statues and other holy items created by monks and temples, are consecrated and chanted under sacred ceremonies, consecrated with mantra to make items become holy, and are crafted from sacred materials related to each master’s body of work (whether that be a book, scroll, or teaching) Mantras, monks, and rituals confer different degrees of power and blessing on various holy objects. Over the years, many people have shared their own spiritual and blessing stories with us.

The Fake Amulets:
People in the market who are looking for benefit in the wrong way, which is scamming, are the ones who make fake amulets; they are never made by monks and temples. Fake amulets are never blessed/chanted consecrated by mantra under the right built-up ceremony to make the item holy; rather, they are simply made for cheap cost with low quality only.

Fake amulets are made in unlimited quantities and are continuously mass produced throughout time. Fake amulets become a problem on the market because people continue trading them without any knowledge about it.

Fake items have a price that does not change over time, and the value of cheap and fake items does not change either; they just sit there and wait for the right owner to buy them. Many amulet collectors undoubtedly bought fake items without having any idea.

Poor quality and a fake, either made to a low standard or copied with an appearance very similar to the original. The price remains the same over the course of time, it is mass produced, and there is no restriction on the quantity available.

Fake items have not been shown to be effective, and many could bring about misfortunes instead of the intended function of a real amulet.

At, we guarantee that all items from our store have undergone proper sacred ceremonies which will deliver their intended functions and bring about good experience for the customers.

The fact is that it is really hard to tell apart the real from fake, as sometimes the counterfeiters could use similar materials to re-create amulets that look like the originals, and they would distribute to resellers all over Thailand and overseas, many sellers are duped into selling fake amulets bought from these distributors too. However, for us, we source directly from the temples or the makers of the amulets.

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