MiracleTH6395 Thai Magic Daddy Adam Copper Egg Ngang Power Amulet Charm Attraction Couple Love Lover Partner Business Money Luck Protection Blessed by Phra Ajarn O

MiracleTH6395 Thai Magic Daddy Adam Copper Egg Ngang Power Amulet Charm Attraction Couple Love Lover Partner Business Money Luck Protection Blessed by Phra Ajarn O… The Beast Blood Prince.. “Adam the great” or called “Oon Doon Oon Rama”, he is the origin of Ngang’s descendance. There is a belief that Adam the great is the prince of extraterrestrial planet of far far away universe. Firstly, he was commanded from his father to destroy Earth. However, when Adam the great knew and met the most wonderful thing from human that called “Love”, he denied his father’s command and betrayed his lineage to love, protect, and give happiness to human without any condition. For the material of this Ngang, Phra Arjarn O purely used special accumulated mystical metal that has been reused to create many generations of his Ngang to make without using any common metals. It means each time Phra Arjarn O made a new Ngang, he will add some powerful materials to mix with the previous material, so the special accumulated mystical metal will be more concentreated over and over, this technique will maintain the purity & increase the intenseness of the material to the most. Therefore, each piece of Daddy Adam Copper Egg Ngang will has its unique color. This special accumulated mystical metal can be called “Bronze Ngang” because it is the combination of countless material followed the scripture of Ngang. For the mono copper testis or copper egg, it was made from special materials that Phra Arjarn O made separately. Of course, the main element is “Copper”, the elemental metal of Venus. Therefore, it is considered to be the element of happiness & charming in itself. The copper egg was meticulously connected to the phallus of Adam one by one by the master craftsman. No wonder why Phra Arjarn O said that “Difficult To Make, Complicated To Bless, Spent Time So Long. If I Have To Make Ngang Like This Again, It Will Make Me Feel Tired For Sure.”
Date First Available ‏ : ‎ October 17, 2021
Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ MiracleTH6395

1. Mercy, Charm and Attraction. -Whoever has Ngang will be charm and get mercy from people around no matter friend, relatives, colleague, opposite sex, father, mother, and employer. For example, some persons who never talk with you before will try to talk with you, some persons who never like you before will try to be your friend, some persons who never contact you before will decide to make connection and commerce with you.
2. Support Luck In Love. -The man who has Ngang will get a good girl to be soulmate and the girl who has Phor Ngang will get a good man to be soulmate because Ngang will support the owner and fulfill whatever the owner lack off. Ngang also has charming power to attract opposite sex and bring the high class people come into life more and more.
3. Bad Energy Elimination. -Bad energy, misfortune, Obstacle will be reduced and received by Ngang instead of yourself because Ngang can clear all of bad energy from the owner to be light and even be disappear. For example, the hot-tempered guy who always be serious will be more steady and calm with consciousness and having more luck in life because of bad energy elimination by Ngang.
4. Protection. -Ngang can protect the owner from any dangers or accidents. During the war in the former time, Ngang is the famous amulet in case of invulnerable ability. However, it depends on the owner’s wish and the magic subject that the maker used to bless also.
5. Luck, Wealth and Earn a living. -Ngang is also good for calling money and luck depending on the owner’s wish. Since the ancient time, who has Ngang will be rich and never lack of money. Which home has Ngang inside will full of abundance. Even, the trees around the home will grow and green much more others home in the same area. In present, Ngang still inspire the owner to have luck in business .
There is a trick to use this Ngang, Recite the spell and swing or shake the copper egg before carry around or beg something. Phra Arjarn O said “May The Enjoyment Be With You”.



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