MiracleTH6395 Amulet Magic 3 Head 6 Hand Ngang 2nd Buddha Thai Charm Protection Attraction Money Wealth Love Luck Power Blessed by Phra Ajarn O

MiracleTH6395 Amulet Magic 3 Head 6 Hand Ngang 2nd Buddha Thai Charm Protection Attraction Money Wealth Love LuckPower blessed By Phra Ajarn O…. From the overwhelming stream of demands that never stopped after the first batch is gone so, Phra Arjarn O has to fulfill those who wishes to have “3 Heads 6 Hands Ngang Emperor” by launching 2nd batch to rock the Ngang society shaking again. This 2nd batch model still use the original form with 3 heads & 6 hands. What kind of good is the first batch, this model is good like that. Just believe in it, beg for everything, bring it everywhere, happy together. Specially, Phra Arjarn O blessed this Ngang over the years. Material of this “3 Heads 6 Hands Ngang Emperor.(2nd batch)” is the metallic material that left from making Phra Arjarn O’s Ngang for many generations including 1st batch’s material. This material is very concentrated so, this Ngang Emperor was made in limited amount. Front side is “Money Bag Yant”. -This Yant has high power in case of money and wealth. It also help the devotee to keep money more effective without leakage. Back side is “Rue Lar Yant”. -It is a Yant from “Sartra Pet” subject. This Yant is very powerful in case of charm and sexual desire. Arjarn Surasee who taught Satra Pet subject to Phra Arjarn O will use this Yant in charming ritual for the ugly people, handicapped people, single people who never have lover, and priest who is afraid of being alone after leaving the Buddhist monkhood. The Way To Wear Ngang. -Ngang no need for take care, no need for casing, no need for attention. Ngang just want to be with the owner all the time no matter wherever place or whatever activity. Keep Ngang inside your underpants will be more effective. The more you use this Ngang, the more skillful Ngang has. The more you carry this Ngang, the more happiness happened endlessly.



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