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kumantong LP Yaem

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Story of Kumantong

Kumantong LP Yaem
Kumantong LP Yaem

Kuman Thong, it’s the same as any other animistic beliefs and practices. From its earliest starts, it was a belief that spirit existed in every natural item, even if it was a lifeless object. In a future state, this spirit would live as part of an immaterial soul. The vision, therefore, was thought to be universal. Kumantong (KMT) is a divine child spirit which is believed to bring luck and fortune to the owner if appropriately revered. It is said that KMT is in fact a baby ghost, however they have to accept Buddhism and do no harm prior to they are offered the status of “Kumantong”, or “golden little young boy”.

Kumantong LP Yaem
Kumantong LP Yaem

The belief in keeping ghost babies originates from the 19th-century impressive ‘Khun Chang, Khun Phaen’ by poet Sunthon Phu. The morbid act of the lead character barbecuing his coming child and summoning its spirit to safeguard and converse with him. In spite of these fantastical origins, the belief in these spirits grew prevalent in southern Thailand, and manuscripts were composed detailing how to create Kumanthong and their protective powers. These beliefs have actually spread out even more south since then, to the island country of Singapore, where they have taken root in a strong sub-community that is as pervasive as it is obscure amongst the population. Like most idols, amulets, and ornaments, Kumanthong are expected to bring their owners plentiful luck however just if they are taken care of properly.

kumantong LP Yaem
kumantong LP Yaem

In the story, Khun Phaen was a high-ranking basic very near to the king, sponsored by an effective witch. The sorcerer loved Khun Phaen a lot that he married Khun Phaen with his child. Regrettably, after getting married and the better half was pregnant with her very first kid, Khun Phaen caught her father-in-law. He learns that his better half is loyal to his father’s inducements, planning to toxin him. In a fit of anger, Khun Phaen took out the baby from his wife’s womb. With bloody hands, Khun Phaen lit a fire at the temple, put the child’s body covered in a spiritual cloth and wished. While Khun Phaen recited his prayers, the fetus turned into a dry, paper-thin skin wrapped around a skeleton. When the ceremony ends, the child becomes a powerful spirit with which Khun Phaen can talk, interact, and from there become his guardian.

They can take action in a way to assist a fellow human being today. Kuman Thong will follow the owner’s heart. They will be excellent and try to make enough benefits to entangle their past karma by assisting their owner to get an opportunity to be reborn again in a more lucky realm.

Numerous Kumanthong sellers also advise the owner to look after this doll. Particularly, buy for him toys, sweets, milk to worship. Some individuals also devote that simply needing correct care, Kumanthong will help homeowners get fortunate, do a fortune, win the lottery game, and so on.

Kumantong Benefits and Effects

It is believed that when properly revered, the spirits of Kumantong will bestow great wealth and success to their owners. Many also believes that Kumantong will appear in dreams to tell their owners of winning numbers of the lottery. Believers also trust that Kumantong could guard and protect their properties and homes from burglaries or against anyone who might have bad intentions towards them. According to a master well known for making Kumantong (Phra Ajarn Patana), he said that as we are not able to control certain circumstances in life, especially those which are created out of collective karma, eg. Economic crisis events. In such a condition, the spirits of Kumantong would bestow spiritual clarity and spiritual guidance during difficult times so that owners would avoid getting into any financial troubles brought on by the collective karma of the world. In the same way, Kumantong can’t change the winning lottery number to what you have bet on, instead, they may show you winning numbers which will be drawn in the future.

How to pray to Kumantong?

Praying to Kumantong is not as complicated as many would think. When it is convenient, a hard-boiled egg, some candies and a glass of red-colored drink would be enough as offerings. For people who have busy schedules, placing just a small tray of candies and a can of red juice or soft drink would be fine.

Offerings of 5 incenses and a lighting a yellow candle is often recommended, it is believed that communication of owner’s heart with the spirit of Kumantong is established via the flame of the candle.

Kumantong Mantra

Kumantong Mantra – Kumantong Katha

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