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“Tao Wessuwan” is the god of giant beasts. including demons It is one of the 4 Thao Chatulokban who protect and take care of the human world. sat on the north According to Buddhist legends, it is believed that in the past he was a philanthropist Brahmin. He opened a factory to sell sugarcane crushing until he was rich. and often donate money to the poor with the merit that you have performed Brahma and Shiva thus bless him with immortality. owning wealth all over the world and is the god of wealth Therefore, people like to worship him.
Secrets of worshiping Thao Wessuwan for success and fulfillment It is recommended to light 9 incense sticks and offer 9 roses. Before praying, set your mind to pray in remembrance of your father, mother, teachers, and the Buddha, Dharma, and Phra.
Worship spell for Thao Wessuwan ..Set Namo 3 ends.. “Itipi So Phakava Yommarachano Thao Wessuwanno Maranang Sukhang Ahang Sukato Namo Putthaya Thao Wessuwanno Jatumaharachika Yakkaphantaphatpurito vessa buddha buddang arahang buddho Thao Wessuwanno Namo Putthaya”
In addition to Thao Wessuwan will help ward off evil spirits, evil things, including all unfortunate things. You also help to bring good luck. Attract money to flow, have the power of fortune, get promoted, grow in fortune, and bring good things to the worshiper as well. If you pray regularly, your life will progress only found something auspicious
There is always good luck and good fortune. But the important thing is to think good, do good, not cause trouble to others. do not think badly of others and always keep the precepts or stay in the precepts in the Dharma Guarantee that your life will be prosperous for sure.
Size : W 0.9 x L 1.4 inch, Color : Copper, Material : Copper.



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