BRASSTAR Resin Thai Sitting Buddha Asian Statue Chinese Feng Shui Sculpture Luck Wealth Sculpture Home Art Decor Gift Collection (Height6.3in)

Product Specifications:
Size: 4.3in length, 2.3in width, 6.3in height.
Material: Resin, fine finished. Made by best hands. Made to last.
Good Meaning: This statue features a Thai Buddha, will bring protection,
joy and good fortune to your home. The beautiful sculpture would uplift the mood of
the entire family or workplace, bless you with good energy. The Buddha’s hand is
a special ornament symbolize “everything goes as you wish”. Look at the Buddha, let the
Buddha take light into your heart.
Package Content: one brand-new resin statue
Note: Due to the limitation of manual measurement, occasionally there will be some errors,
please kindly understand.

Product Description:
Resin is the ideal material for making Fengshui ornaments. Its magical magnetic field brings Chi/
good energy into its surrounding environment. A good Resin statue is also a piece of art,
adding more appeal into your home decoration.

The Thai Buddha is cherished all over the world, known as the ‘Buddha of Wealth’.

Besides attracting wealth and good fortune, the Thai Buddha prevents disputes, quarrels and
arguments between people. The idol blesses people with relief. Big tummy symbolizes
generosity, forgiveness and magnanimity. You are supposed to rub Buddha’s tummy every
day, by making him happy, he grants you wishes in return. The gesture Buddha poses will
uplift your spirits and make you happy.

Where to place the statue?
– The east direction is the luck spot for family. If you want to benefit your family, place the idol
– By placing the laughing Buddha on your desk in the office, the idol will help you to become
more excellent.
– As for students, place the Buddha on desk so they can get more concentration and progress in
academic performance.

BUDDHA STATUE: Calming Buddha looks great in your home, the Buddha at home can bring good luck and auspiciousness, increase wealth, the Buddha and the bodhisattva is best to sit west to east.
Where to Place: Place it in your home, office, shop for enhancing the decorative appeal. Decorate your room with it, it will help you succeed in your caree. It can also be used as a photography prop.
Material:Resin. Handmade, fine craftsmanship. Made to last.
Product Size: 4.3*2.3*6.3in (Due to the limitation of manual measurement, occasionally there will be some errors, please kindly understand.)
Packaging Method: brand-new wrapped in bubble film, and packed in a professional product packing case. The products will arrive in the best condition.
Cleaning method: Resin statue cannot be wiped with a damp cloth, so that water will penetrate deep into the product and cause damage to the product. Please wipe the surface with a soft dry cotton cloth. Can not be exposed to the sun.


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