Authentic Top edition Thai Amulets Occult sorcery Nang Pla Mahalarp Black Pattamung Powder in hypnotizing oil by Phra Aj. Aumnaj. Bring super lucky and grating all wishes

Very new and latest Thai amulet occult sorcery called Nang Pla Mahalarp (Goddess of the Ocean) by Phra Aj. Aumnaj (whom very famous for created Phra Ngang in his previous amulets. This version uses Black Pattamung Powder to create this wonderful holy amulet and very special by covered with 108 Wan Hypnotizing oil. The amulet contained many special sacred materials such as holy Pattamung powder, blessed gems , gold dust, leklai , Lp.’s robes and empowered with takrud. Prayer for the amulet : Jit ti Jit Tung, Mut Cha Nung Pi Yung Ma Ma, Na Ma Pa Ta, Na Cha Li Ti (3 times). After praying, then you make your own wishes. Thank you for looking and visiting and very best of luck. Buddha blessed.
Thai amulet occult sorcery Nang Pla Mahalarp with special Black Pattamung Powder covered in hypnotizing Wan oil By Phra Aj. Aumnaj
holy blessed , sacred ceremony, blessed gems, takrud, leklai
Great scented amulet bring very best of luck and great fortune
Gebuine Thai amulet Occult sorcery
Strong powerful love attraction amulet, gambling luck, grant all wishes. Top edition


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