Authentic Thai amulet Hoon Payon Praeak Protection Best Bodyguard Prevent Curses Bring Lucky Fortune

Authentic Thai amulets Hoon Payon Praeak blessed by Aj Auan Por Mor Prai Khmer.
No worship require, but please do merit for him once a month, do good deeds by helping others without anything in return, meditation, prays, this will make increase hoon payon’s power to protect, ward away danger, turn bad luck into good luck, prevent black magic, bad people from getting near to you. Please also use in moral way by not ordering hoon payon to go and hurt someone.
Material used are natural, no prai or ghost substance, hoon payon saythep which will also bring up your downfall faith.
Katha/ Prayer:
Na Mo Ta Sa , Pak Ka Wa To, R Ra Ha To, Sum Ma Sum Put Ta Sa (repeated 3 times)

Ah Hung Nu Ga, Na Ma Pa Ta, Ah Nu Pa Wea Na, Na Mo Put Ta Ya (repeated 3 times) then make your wishes
Authentic Thai amulet Hoon Payon Praeak by Aj Auan Por Mor Prai Khmer Magic
Best for protection, prevent curses, prevent black magic
Bring Lucky fortune, Whispering luck , Metta Maha Niyom
No restriction in using , can carry everywhere
100% genuine Thai amulets holy blessed


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