Authentic Genuine Thai amulets Magic Powerful Leklai Phra Bucha Statue of very famous Lp Tuad Cutting by Lp. Somporn Samawaro (Yai) Home protection, Home meditation super powerful leklai amulets

Very special Buddha Leklei Phra Bucha statue of Lp. Tuad, cutting and create by the very famous Lp. Sompaorn Sawamaro (Yai), Sumnaksong Yanmunee@@ Created with Resin and coated with Aunchern Leklei cutting by Lp. Somporn himself. @@ Approximately 7.0 cm. tall, 4.5 cm. wide @@ Best for home meditation. Best for protection. Best for bring luck and ward away any bad spirit, bad curses, bad spells. Bringing wealth and good fortune for the worshiper. Keeping Protection for your home as well as bring peace and prosperity for everyone in the family. Protection from fire and give positive energy and power inside the house. @@ If you would like to see how powerful and holy of Lp. Somporn Samawaro, write down “Leklai amulet by Lp Somporn Samawaro” on YouTube and you will be amaze how this holy blessed takrud can do and change your life… no doubt on how powerful his amulets are, especially leklai amulet. @@ Buddha blessed
Genuine Thai amulets Magic Powerful Leklai Phra Bucha Statue Lp Tuad By Lp Somporn
Super powerful protection, Sacred ceremony, holy blessed, holy spirituality
Home worship Buddha Statue Buddha figurine, special Leklai Material
Protection, prevent bad spirit, bad curses, ward away dangers, bring Luck Happiness
Approximately 7.0 cm. tall, 4.5 cm. wide 100% Genuine Leklai Thai Amulets


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